“Apostolides has established herself as a writer who takes on the most intimate, perverse, and complicated elements of human desire fearlessly and intellectually […]. She has a slightly terrifying ability to ride the most emotionally charged idea to its devastating conclusion.” — Canadian Notes & Queries

The new book has been launched! In lieu of a celebration that sends the book into the world—an event that changes what the book is, transforming it from an active process in my imagination to a work of art whose ‘activity’ or purpose is to stimulate yours—I’ve decided to ask my editor, Malcolm Sutton, to say a few words. I’ve done so, too. Enjoy!

Malcolm Sutton, editor and designer, introduces the book
Marianne Apostolides describes the creative process, and reads from the book

If you’d like to read the book, you can order a copy directly from the publisher, until bookstores and libraries are reopened.