I’ve written six books over the past twenty years.  Although they’re quite varied in style, two themes thread their way through my work: the body’s appetite, as it relates to the mind/ self; and the ways in which physical experience—the raw material of life—gets translated into language/ story.

My work-in-progress, I can’t get you out of my mind: A book of lies, sex, love, and Artificial Intelligence, will be published in 2020. I don’t yet have a cover image, but you can read about the novel here.


Three of my books have been translated, most recently Swim (as Elle Nage) and Voluptuous Pleasure (as Voluptés), both translated into French by Madeleine Stratford, who was nominated for a Governor General’s Award in Translation (2016) for Elle Nage.

ellenage-cover voluptes-cover