Audio Work

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Commemorating the Cherry Blossom Festival during covid

On a chilly morning in early May, I stood on a hillside in High Park, listening to the taiko ensemble Nagata Shachu perform amidst the cherry blossoms. It was the most humbling and awe-evoking experience of my artistic life. Read more, and watch the event.

Tracy Emin’s neon artwork

Documentary on CBC Radio

While writing I Can’t Get You Out of My Mind, I realized that one of the novel’s themes—namely, what it means to say ‘I love you’—would make a fantastic radio documentary since the meaning of the phrase is often carried in the voice. It’s slippery, that phrase; it shifts it shape, often based on the contours of sound. Read more, and listen to the radio documentary.

“Scuba,” a collage by Catherine Mellinger, photographed by Melanie Gordon

Collaging Artwork, Sound, and Text in “Deep Salt Water”

Deep Salt Water began with a collage by Catherine Mellinger, and proceeded through language that was rhythmic, insistent. So it only made sense that the work should become a multidisciplinary project—one that overlays music with my voice, collaging the visual with the aural. Read more, and view the artwork.